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      Air compressor frequency conversion energy saving transformation / linkage control cabinet

      Air compressor frequency conversion energy saving transformation / linkage control cabinet

              1、 Overview of energy consumption of air compressor  

               Compressed air is the fourth most widely used energy in industry. In most manufacturers, the energy consumption of compressed air accounts for 10% ~ 35% of the total energy consumption!  

               "Can not see", "do not stop gas, do not pay attention to" are the two characteristics of air compressor in the use process!  

                Important, but not concerned; wasteful, but not economical.    

               The main reason why compressed air is ignored as energy consumption lies in the lack of professional team, effective methods and implementation.      

               The cost composition analysis of air compressor system can be found as follows:   

               The initial equipment investment and maintenance cost of the air compressor system accounts for about 23% of the total cost, while the power consumption (electricity fee) accounts for 77% or more, almost all the system waste is reflected in the electricity fee.       

               According to the evaluation of air systems in various industries, we find that: most of the compressed air systems, whether new or old, are not ideal in operating efficiency - the leakage of compressed air, artificial gas, incorrect use and improper system control will lead to the decline of efficiency. This means saving compressed air and using it rationally will bring you new profit space!        

              Whether the operation of the air system is in good condition and the cost incurred is reasonable can be evaluated and improved,       

              2、 Live data      

              The optimization of the system starts from a complete operation cycle of the observation system. After collecting all operation data and analyzing according to the knowledge of compressed air system, we can know the operation of the whole system.       

             Our company has professional technical engineers who can put forward professional optimization suggestions and solutions to your actual situation.    

               3、 Energy saving solutions     

              This scheme aims at energy saving. In order to meet the production situation of the enterprise, the energy-saving and consumption reducing methods and ways in the equipment and process are fully considered to improve the energy efficiency of the equipment. According to the actual requirements of the site, its safety and reliability are considered from the aspects of design, selection, production, installation and protection.     

              1. Projects that the system can optimize     

              According to the field situation, the design of a reasonable air compressor energy-saving control system can improve the operation efficiency, reduce the operation electricity cost, realize the automatic management of the air compressor system, and enhance the stability of the system, so as to achieve the following goals.    

               Ensure the reliability and stability of the system         

              Realize automatic management          

              Improve operation efficiency            

              Set reasonable gas pressure         

              Reduce operation electricity cost        

             2. Schematic diagram of energy saving optimization scheme

      Direct energy saving

                Up to 35% direct energy saving   

                Minimize energy consumption during unloading    

                √ no need to discharge compressed air into the atmosphere 

                √ eliminate switching energy during load / unload switching  

                √ the control system has precise pressure control function - smaller pressure bandwidth and lower average working pressure, so as to reduce energy consumption.

              3. After optimization, multiple air compressors become an organic whole, which can automatically control the start-up, shutdown, frequency conversion and speed regulation of each unit according to the use of compressed air. While realizing automatic operation, it can meet the reasonable operation of multiple units and achieve the best operation efficiency of multiple units. The comprehensive energy-saving effect is more than 15%.

      Energy saving principle of frequency conversion control system

              1. Set a reasonable output pressure to minimize the pressure loss of the pipe network and reduce the leakage. At the same time, prolong the service life and maintenance cycle of the aftertreatment equipment; 

                 Indirect energy saving   

               √ get lower system pressure by relying on automatic control system, and save up to 10% indirect energy every year     

               √ the energy consumption is lower than that of the original loading and unloading compressor, the system pressure drops by bar, and the energy consumption decreases by 7%  

               √ reduce leakage loss: the system pressure will be reduced from 7 bar to 6 bar, and the leakage rate will be reduced by 13%        

               √ the lower the pressure of gas equipment, the smaller the gas consumption

              2. It can meet the requirements of automatic fault switching, for example, when the frequency converter fails, the PLC control system can automatically switch the frequency conversion mode to the power frequency operation state, which can meet the production safety needs, without downtime.  

              3. It can achieve constant pressure output. For industries with high requirements for constant pressure control, such as electronics, medicine, textile, etc., the control effect is particularly obvious, which can reduce the installation cost of pressure reducing valve, constant pressure valve and other accessories of the pipeline. So as to improve the utilization efficiency of compressed air.   

              4. For the standard complete set of energy-saving products of air pressure system, customers only need to configure power cables and equipment in place, so as to balance the operation time of each equipment, extend the service time of lubricating oil of the unit, reduce the maintenance cost and extend the service life of the unit.  

               5. Control and operate the fixed frequency air compressor in 100% state. The air compressor will never run at full load. The operation efficiency of the system can be greatly improved and optimized.

      6. It can reduce the mechanical wear and electrical loss of the equipment, greatly reduce the noise of air compressor operation, so as to increase the service life of the equipment.


      Project - energy saving project

      numerical value



      The estimated total annual energy consumption cost is about

      One hundred

      Ten thousand yuan


      (conservative) energy saving rate




      After system optimization, the annual cost saving is about


      Ten thousand yuan


      total investment (2 sets of energy saving system)


      Ten thousand yuan


      project investment recovery cycle

      a year




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